Attributes That Makes Keith Mckittrick A Superb Assistant Coach

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Before, Keith Mckittrick find hard to be an effective and efficient assistant coach. But, through his dedication and passion to become a good and effective assistant coach for everybody, he was eager to become what he is right now.First, he serves as the model for good habits. Every player in the hockey team always bear in mind all the things he teaches and make sure they never forget it. Given that head coaches are not only the person who are responsible to lead the community, assistant coaches like Keith Mckittrick has the capability to do the same thing as well. He always bear in mind that having a right conduct and good moral always is very crucial to every member of the team in order for them to get the same thing. This will enable them to acquire good sets of skills in the long run.

Second, Keith Mckittrick communicates expectations. Whenever there is a meeting happening on the team, as assistant coach, he never forget to discuss every result he want to execute to all players. As a result, the team will do their very best in order to make their assistant coach satisfied every after game. They will be aware what to do that will not only benefit the club but also themselves as players. On top of that, they will encounter lots of training and exercises that will help them succeed every battle they might face. Another good thing about Keith Mckittrick is that he never fails to support every team member through establishing a positive rapport with each of them. Creating a good relationship in every member of the team, from the players to head coach is very important in order to achieve success. This will allow them to be a solid team, who are very happy and encouraged to do their best every play of the game.

The last thing that makes Keith Mckittrick a good assist coach for the hockey team was that he never stops learning and improving his skills and expertise in coaching and playing the sports. Although he is aware that his knowledge is good, still he look for ways on how to further improve it. This is because he knows that there are drastic changes in the future that will challenge his learning and strategies.