Brian Ladin’s Proven History In The Investing Industry

October 17, 2017



Investing money on something is said to be capable of multiplying one’s money fast. However, if you don’t know how to invest properly, then there is a chance that all of your money would go to waste. Because of that, before one even thinks of investing in something, they first need to be knowledgeable about doing this kind of business. Brian Ladin is someone who has been gifted in making great investment decisions. With that, companies who are looking for someone who can do a great job in managing their direct investments have been contacting him. He did not once disappoint them for he was able to multiply the profits of the company in no time.

Currently, he is a co-founder of Delos Shipping. It is a company that provides debt capital and equity to shipping companies who needed it. He also held an Investment Manager position before. He was responsible for the company’s media, telecommunications and technology investment management. Brian Ladin also became a partner of Talisman Capital he has showcased his abilities in making 70 direct investments in both the United States and other countries. He does not only work as an Investment Manager for he also works as a Chartered Financial Analyst as well.

Companies have decided to put their trust in him and in his handling skills in their multi-million dollar investments. When it comes to making private and public business investments, no one can doubt that he is also an expert on that. It’s not only that for he knows that no one can predict what would happen in the future and so, he see to it that he is always fully prepared for it. He makes sure that in every investment he engages in, an exit plan would be there. Brian Ladin also spends time to be fully equipped with the industry’s latest trends, which he uses to have an edge in this industry.



Apart from his great leadership skills, he has served as a role model to others on how an effective communicator should be. He greatly believes that he is capable of making great contributions in the company. He can even lead a company towards its success through his brilliant mind that creates clear strategies for the company to use. Apart from that, he has also retained a good reputation in this industry. He is also fond of sports, specifically tennis and surfing. He does it not only for fun but also to remain healthy as well. Whenever Brian Ladin has the time, he would also go travelling as well. He had gone travelling to ski resorts in many countries as well.

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